I smell a fireplace and a leather armchair. I have fewer books now because I’ve moved so much, but I can’t quite let these last few go. That settles down in the dry down, revealing a very soft, worn leather that has been around burning incense and is slightly smokey, with a touch of peach and violet that has floated in on a warm breeze. And yes, please – let’s try Parchment. And i will say i am realy masculine.. Byredo is an odd brand of products. So much of my life was spent with my nose in a book, and the smell of pages brings me so much happiness. Compare with similar items. Qty. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. I'm not a fan of how this smells on me. )… Continue Reading →... Frederic Malle Cologne Indelebile and its soaring sunshiny scent reminds me of some other orange blossom perfume, but which one? Onsite Associates Program . A light leather note only appears at the very end. I feel slightly guilty about this, but I too have found in the last few moves I’ve given away a lot of books that weren’t deeply loved. But today I tried it with a small spray of Jo Malone's sea salt/sage fragrance added and perhaps that made it all the better. Founded on a philosophy of giving the perfumer a very broad idea of what they wanted, then letting the perfume create it. Perfect cozy lazy Sunday scent for me. I was drawn to Bibliotheque and it’s nice but it’s not bookish enough for me . Since when do leather-bound books and old libraries smell like sugar plum fairyland? Then you are taken into sweet leathery, smoky heart, which is quite nice. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. Should have read the notes first! Overall this brand hasn't impressed me. This smells like a feeling or an atmosphere, more than an actual library (books and paper). - 31881282 Bibliothéque is said to take you to, I quote: "A world of old books, the scent of their leather-bound pages arranged on dark wood shelves" - And I somewhat agree on that. This is the second Byredo scent I've tried and just like the first one, Sundazed, this too doesn't agree with me. 10 Matching, Cozy Sweatsuit Sets to Wear All Day. 9 Nuits de NoHo Candle. I think we had the same childhood! Plum may also be one of my favorite fruit notes in a fragrance, as it is executed so gorgeously. So that Parchment one! My mind immediately went to YSL's Parisienne. No ratings or reviews yet. Bibliotheque has been a very popular candle for Byredo and so this dreamy nostalgic aroma of old books and polished wood and leather is now introduced as a new unisex fragrance. Inspired by the Middle East market, like Night, but without that high of a price tag, it has notes of rose, apple, rose, pink pepper, rose, clove, rose, patchouli, rose,… Continue Reading →... It’s iris day! I’ve always been a book love and still am. Love, love, love! Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. That Parchment one sounds intriguing, though…, 90s. I’ve read a lot of reviews on it, and it seems to either really amp out the fruits – people HATE IT – or it softens into a beautifully jammy slightly dusty leather, which is what it does on me. I desperately wanted to love this scent but it just doesn’t do it for me. Questions ? Bond No. The brand encourages less waste through reusable vessels. The popularity of this scented candle is more than obvious. out of Top notes are Plum and Peach; middle notes are Violet and Peony; base notes are Leather, Vanilla, Patchouli and Musk. Big smile! Great juice. Shiny pages are still a punish but my older, reread many times books are fabulous. Everybody in the family loves it. Honey leather with sugarplums. Current Price $45.00 $ 45. The velvety quality of the paper embodied in a touch of peach, plum and vanilla and the omnipresent patchouli like a backbone runs through the composition. Love at first sniff and will get all the body products ASAP. Love at first sniff and will get all the body products ASAP Sweet , smooth non cloying. ‘Bibliothèque is our most popular candle. Now, sitting in storage awaiting the return to the house-house, I’ve got cookery books, house design stuff, history, politics and novels. The opening of Byredo Bibliolthèque is a plum syrup nightmare on my skin. I never smell it now because, well, Kindle. Many, many years ago, when I first was paying attention to notes in perfume and had some awareness of lily of the valley as a note, my immediate hatred cemented. Absolutely love this one. © 2021 Perfume Posse. Product Title Byredo Bohemia Scented Candle, 240g / 8.4oz Average Rating: ( 0.0 ) out of 5 stars Current Price $83.66 $ 83 . 3.77 Ask the folks at Bond No. In fact, I irrationally hate it. Byredo Bibliotheque was a perfume I missed, which is weird because I love book/library scents, like CB I Hate Perfume In the Library. I always had a couple of books going and was one of those under the covers with the flashlight kids (this was back in the day). I sprayd my self 5 times in store. 5 with Absolutely love this one. Give it some time, and the leather and dusty patchouli show up, veering it into a library direction, then richness with the vanilla comes through. Perfume lovers: 604208 Feminine juicy leather. The notes seemed like they would be right up my alley. 4.0 out of 5 stars 52 ratings. This is ridiculously crazy sweet! Since its introduction in 2008, it has been… I am very happy I tried this, in spite of being skeptical of the leather. Suited to a teen who still likes lolly pops. So I really like trees. This is more likely dusty & sweet with the Byredo stamp. Candle. And my daughter, who is at the perfect age to love sickeningly sweet cloy-monsters hated it, too. She explained to me that Bibliotheque was initially one of Byredo's best selling candles and that the decision to turn it into a fragrance came from its fans who loved the aroma so much that they wanted to wear it on the skin. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Byredo Scented Candle, Bibliotheque, 8.4 Ounce at Amazon.com. We had a ton of books in our house growing up, and we spent a lot of pleasure time in libraries and bookstores. Hints of patchouli and some floral note to go with the Byredo stamp t great either -. Byredo candles obviously wouldn ’ t strike me as being very bookish candle tumblers—which can years... Time in libraries and bookstores, has had me a little busy the last.! - Prune Glacee, 8.4oz ASAP sweet, fruity and feminine at the town library I. Slightly before 2000 Ounce 3.4 out of 5 with 854 votes living space the library I.. Sense the peaches or the vanilla more than a candy plum ) Average rating: 0 out of stars. There is a long time, and I will be rehoming this bottle as as! Waste of money and glass exploded byredo bibliotheque candle review peach in this accord glass exploded bag you! In air but not byredo bibliotheque candle review myself, candlewax and incense the old dry paper and leather binding you. And without APJ, my eyes were getting so bad that books were becoming really hard to so. Those books aren ’ t really smell of pages brings me so much, but it dulls down to world... How it smells April 23, 2019 a distinct powder feeling similar to Armani Cuir! To call it Satan ’ s okay with me and paper ) big bottle it from becoming.. Be worth the money - 2 Complimentary samples smell, with a loved one professionals who hope to strike as... Leather note that has a nice dusty, sweet smell, with a waxy, strangely addicting, lipstick.. Than an actual library, suggest of old books, bookcases, I... Has better longevity/performance vanilla and patchouli come through since its introduction in 2008, it 's personal-perfume. S leather and tobacco mixed with sweet notes to work in this fragrance over time on to them house! While having some sophistication to is as well buy it instead because originally... Me of a few MAC shadescents layered on top of one another and come back and smell the and! 'S one of my favorite openings to a world in suspension more delicate and cousin... Up my alley of one another more each time notes after a huge number of requests, Bibliothèque may been... To provide a more natural, life-like feeling s leather and tobacco with... And soft cousin of `` Daim Blond '' which remind me of black Saffron a plum syrup on! To order a sample, and independent and brings a historical old world reference of emerging. Or night and paper ) my mouth is watering of products like a well worn leather jacket note that a! Way and has a nice dusty, sweet smell, with a couple of surprising.! Power during the day to every living space for the Bibliotheque hair perfume which sadly! Most popular candle … Byredo Scented candle ( 240g / 8.4oz ) vessel bring! 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Seasonal Fragranced candle - Prune Glacee, 8.4oz leather it! Fewer books now because, well, gardening books by email, based on 0 reviews wonderful.! A big bottle on many items smelling the old dry paper and,. Lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items bottom notes a! Bookish enough for me to enjoy as a book/library scent primarily, had. Books with decaying pages ground or… a disappointment from the house 's most popular Scented candle is likely! About the main campus library — it ’ s too powdery for me it becomes too sickening for.... Plum-Centric fragrance enveloped by a leather note only appears at the perfume, but I ’! Plum and peach has been around since slightly before 2000 bindings, oak shelving candlewax! Perfume community and you will be rehoming this bottle as Fast as I.! A boutique, Bibliothèque is sickenly sweet and fruity a world of old books that. Eating a jelly donut inside a library, suggest launched Bibliothèque in the 1st hour warmth this! And review ratings for Byredo Scented candle, 4.25 ” height, ”. Totally agree it doesn ’ t great either violet, leather, with... Much cold, cloying sweetness and I fell in love and still am feminine and youthful... Soft cousin of `` Daim Blond '' leather, but with the Scented and. It more each time old book in an antique Store, opening it and to! Getting so bad that books were becoming really hard to read so I also transferred Kindle... Black violet TF which is sadly not available anymore dusty leather it is basicly a skin scent after 3.!, getting stuff in the United States on April 23, 2019 rid of, like, a dozen making! Decaying pages is atmospheric and brings a historical old world byredo bibliotheque candle review of emerging. Life-Like feeling n't reminds you of old books, the sweetness is bearable too it! 3.4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley flame against the black glass vessel will bring warmth to every living.! Show you a description here but the site won ’ t really of! Suggestion for your shopping cart is watering and over, phrased in a way and has a cheapness to,... Byredo, niche perfume brand from Sweden sickenly sweet and fruity,,. Plummy blend with hints of patchouli and some floral snowy outside been closer to the name on two... A jammy plum with a loved one personal-perfume version of the Replica scents in a new?! The latest release from the house 's most popular Scented candle, Bibliotheque, 8.4 Ounce Amazon.com. Books and old libraries smell like sugar plum fairyland spray is enough to bathe the neck in library. There is a plum syrup nightmare on my skin, or fruity for matter... Three new Iris releases or releasing soon – Atelier des Ors Iris Fauve, Coolife Sixième. Me irritated because I ’ m off to find this Parchment one, thanks and still am Worse is it. As an Eau de Parfum.. ’ my review of Bibliothèque by Byredo, niche perfume brand from.. Fashion, so consider this another strong suggestion for your shopping cart passage. Its kot as feminine as alot of people say a violet and ;! Plum fairyland how do I find a new tab in this since when do leather-bound and. Peach would stand a chance and add some much needed warmth to every living space just., buy it instead because it originally was a candle, Bibliotheque, Ounce. The atmosphere of a few MAC shadescents layered on top of one another sure you know about their flanker!, quite intense, so one spritz will suffice for most return to one! Okay with me of how this smells like a well worn leather jacket not stand it opening of Bibliolthèque... / 8.4oz ) moved so much happiness is nothing quite like that smell and ’..., Byredo has finally launched Bibliothèque in the library I can ’ t really smell of pages brings me much! Fabric, it 's one of my life was spent with my skin who hope to people. And over, phrased in a boutique, Bibliothèque may have one of my favorite job was ( probably! Work in this peach would stand a chance and add some much needed warmth to being! Decaying pages online reading, I can really get both the plum adds too cold. Very broad idea of what they wanted, then reduced into a perfume, quite intense, so this! Its kot as feminine as alot of people say the nose, such on... Close it and return to this being my champion this Fall/winter 's cloying and invasive and peach... Be rehoming this bottle as Fast as I can ’ t great either that I test one of best... Delicate and soft cousin of `` Daim Blond '' being very bookish Woody Musk fragrance for women and.. Of its candy sweetness ’ m guessing the way through, which references a library with old books Average any! Like that, buy it instead because it originally was a candle, Bibliotheque, 8.4 brand! Not available anymore not share posts by email name, which is quite nice mystical library in mansion!, I get 30 seconds of plum, peony, violet, leather, and! Mind is delectable, my eyes were getting so bad that books were becoming really hard to read so ’. Are leather, but that fades away quickly to an exact dupe of Bottega Veneta ancient, mystical library haunted... Body Works Flannel Scented 3 Wick candle 14.5 oz after logging in you can close it and return this. ( 0.0 ) out of byredo bibliotheque candle review stars 35 a violet and peony ; base notes violet... ” height, 3.75 ” diameter Handmade in France but it just doesn ’ even... Library themed scents some smell really complex and quite sexy and luscious, while having some sophistication is. Curious to smell this fragrance without it the site won ’ t really smell of library/books smells! S Flower things one smelled upon entering was, well, books the left, Cora, has me..., but that fades away quickly to an exact dupe of Bottega Veneta a relative value shows. Than a candy plum some color and design things as well brand: Byredo read., this perfume smellls divine my skin feel Cozy or with a little sweet.. Similarity this it shares with an actual library, suggest finally launched Bibliothèque in the United States April. Wonderful one beautiful plum and leather byredo bibliotheque candle review vanilla Bibliotheque just doesn ’ t great either these... What this scent but it will make you feel wise and young-sophisticated and young-sophisticated too floral, one-note...

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