Essentially facts are only relevant so far as they are solving your problem, and regardless of detractors, the Bach Flower Remedies continue to grow in popularity and their extensive use should at least suggest to you that, as we believe, there is “something in them”. Has anyone heard/tried this? Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) > B > bach flower remedies for ocd; ... white chestnut for repetitive unwanted thoughts that won't go away, cherry plum for fear of going crazy, doing something horrible you don't want to do, fear of losing control and agrimony for deep anxiety. Wow, that sounds awesome, I've never heard of it before. Even so, it is not unusual to become dissuaded and stalled by certain others who “think” they know better. Little do we know that these lulls are quite normal for Harm OCD as adrenaline goes, it leaves us effete with extreme physical tiredness, tiredness of the mind and of the emotions, and of the spirit. Crab Apple ~ for self-hatred ~ self -disgust ~ sense of uncleanliness ~ over concentration on one part of the whole which we don’t like ~ the need to be free from one particular thing which is greatest in ones mind and which seems so essential to be cured from ~ a general feeling that something isn’t quite right, but which they can’t get a fix on. Nourish yourself. This means the self-reproach and self-condemnation so evident of the fear-based false premise that “not feeling bad” means you “will do it”, must be contended. Fears of going mad and of acting irrationally are Cherry Plum states. In Chinese medicine, obsessive-compulsive disorder is due to liver stagnation and a weak spleen. And indeed, as Harm OCD is so particularly disorientating when it first happens upon us, and we fear we are losing our rational mind, panic and desperation may well befall us. Yes, pleasure, a thing forgotten through the struggle with Harm OCD, but elixir no less to the world weary soul who’s way, so often, has been one of denial. Quite simply we do not have the energy even to try. All rights reserved, Inositol and other Nutrients for Harm OCD. NOTE: From the Dr. Bach's website: "White the remedy for unwanted thoughts and mental arguments that intrude into the mind and stop us concentrating. That is to say, new, less prostrating approaches become available to us, as we are increasingly able to see just where our “tunnel vision” has blinded us to the vital need for rest and keeping things simple. In the meantime, here are some tips for dealing with them. Note: We’re told the crisis formula works quite quickly, because people use it for emergency situations rather than deep-rooted problems. It fortifies the “trembling heart”, so that it. Also worth your while are these free downloadable books by Dr Bach: absorbed in your thoughts and unable to focus on anything else, that pretty much anything offering break from the trauma of it has to be welcomed. ... A few years ago I found Bach Flower Essences and tried the White Chestnut for when 'thoughts … are there any other Bach Flower Remedies appropriate for you? For you may well have noticed, just how they boomerang back and leave you exhausted the more that you try fighting them. A subreddit dedicated to discussion, articles, and images regarding OCD. Relevance to Harm OCD:  the early stages of finding ourselves with Harm OCD are often marked with a severity of fear that renders us quite powerless to recover ourselves, far less take any positive healing action in the face of it. r/OCD: A subreddit dedicated to discussion, articles, and images regarding OCD. Therefore, for us, the moral conscience of those in the Cherry Plum state is beyond question, and suggestions otherwise should be ignored. You will need to buy from your pharmacist some 30 ml dropper bottles. Fill these with water allowing enough room to add 2 drops of each remedy together with 2 drops of Brandy - as a preservative, particularly if you are going to be carrying the bottle in a pocket. I ordered some off of amazon to see how it works. For further guidance on the remedies, case studies, FAQ’s, and much, much more, you’ll also want to check out The Bach Centre website. Rock Rose ~ for extreme fear and terror ~ the tendency to panic ~ for nightmares ~ aids in calming you down. For the past few years she has been sufferring from anxiety, ... She says she feels calm for 15 minutes after taking white chestnut, and then it is back to the same stress again. Relevance to Harm OCD:  Nervously fatigued, burnt out, exhausted… however you want to view your Harm OCD, it is clearly a low energy state necessitating revival and rest. There are 39 different remedies in all, including Rescue Remedy . The Positive Effects of Crab Apple: Crab Apple aids self-acceptance, broadmindedness and our ability to control negative thoughts, and allows us to move past old hurts and doubts that before might have subdued us. If you've tried it, how long did it take to work? Soothe yourself. Our “irrational feelings” and feared “drivers” run counter to our need to be accepted and respected. Relevance to Harm OCD: Aspen is usually prescribed for “those who experience apprehension for which there appears to be no logical reason”, but it is appropriate for Harm OCD where there is almost constant and heightened nervous vigilance against recurrence of disturbing and aberrant thoughts. Horse chestnut, or Aesculus hippocastanum, is a tree native to the Balkan Peninsula.. Aesculus hippocastanum White Chestnut flower essence is fabulous for worriers. Essentially facts are only relevant so far as they are solving your problem, and. Thus composure is the quality lost. The Positive Effects of Mustard:  Mustard helps to dispel the blackness, bringing back light and joy and the ability to be happy and cheerful ~ aids equilibrium and equanimity by helping the Self to balance extreme polarities of light and dark. The Positive Effects of Rock Rose: the renewal of courage and the alleviation of terror, allowing a state of calm and reason to return. It is just for this very watchfulness a bearer of Harm OCD develops a variety of personal rituals, or compulsions, to insure against the enormous distress they fear they will feel when they once more cross paths with their harming obsessions; and it is just for this watchfulness, or foreboding, that Aspen’s prescribed. Note: When researching the Cherry Plum remedy be vigilant of descriptions that deviate largely from what appears on the Bach Centre site – i.e. Times when our energy’s bottomed and there’s no light on our path. (Note: I say “seeming” here because I know we can, through developing what I like to call a “nonchalance practice”, perceive them entirely different and show far less concern.). One of the most frequent causes of insomnia is found in the many different kinds of persistent thoughts which keep flooding the mind, while someone is “trying” to sleep. Often the effects of shock stay with us long after withdrawal from perceived “cause”, and we remain in state of vigilance, unable to relax, and prone to rumination. Watch this space. White Chestnut thoughts are often described as 'worrying' - but they are not necessarily anxious or fearful, more repetitive. for every day fears: fear of public speaking, of the dark, of aggressive dogs, of illness and pain ~ phobias can also be Mimulus fears if the cause of the fear – whether spiders, birds or open spaces – can be named. Guilt would seem useful to bear down upon our fancied wild tendencies toward irrational behavior. s Harm OCD is so particularly disorientating when it first happens upon us, and we fear we are losing our rational mind. 2011 © InkThemes. It’s for times like these that Gorse is of use. Relevance to Harm OCD: Crushing guilt is a typical feature of Harm OCD and contributes enormously to the stress aggravating and thus prolonging the condition. I received my M.S. Relevance to Harm OCD: recovery from Harm OCD is dialectical, meaning: it is not a straight line, there’s a zigzagging, toing and froing, juxtaposition of conflicting forces we are needing to best. Indeed, such is the urge to “flee from ourselves”, only in the dazed aftermath removed from the scene of our Harm OCD are we able to reorient ourselves, but ever so slightly. It helps a person find quiet and calm that will not be disturbed by outside influences. They are: There’s no two ways about it, when Harm OCD first happens upon you, and you’re thinking crazy thoughts and you’re so frightened that you’re going to start acting them out, and there’s basically no markers in your experience informing you that you are merely in the throes of an extremely upsetting but nevertheless perfectly explainable, and perfectly curable, condition – you can be so distraught, so wildly confused, so absorbed in your thoughts and unable to focus on anything else, that pretty much anything offering break from the trauma of it has to be welcomed. Cherry Plum is in every practical sense the remedy most descriptive of Harm OCD and best suited to checking the heightened mental and emotional strain right at the onset, when due to our ignorance of the condition our pain is acute. It CLEARS AWAY that jumble of ‘wired ‘ ‘intertwined’ thoughts and helps bring about a clarity of mind. The Positive Effects of Pine: the return of positive self-image with hope for a future free of the heavy weight of self-blame and shame. This of crucial importance: relaxing. The Seed Essence of Mallow is also included. It is not our purpose here to convince you of this, but rather advise you to those remedies considered most suited for treatment of Harm OCD. Please read below for more information and resources about about OCD …

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